SagarWrites is my blog which is for the things that I'm passionate about. The objective is to share my interests and log some of the exciting things that I do.

The blog was hand-crafted by me with Django Web Framework. I've chosen a minimalistic design with a monochrome setting that goes easy on the eyes. The blog is currently deployed as a beta version which contains snippets adapted from my already published articles at oureconomist.com. I'm hoping to get the fully updated version to be released soon. To send a feedback, use this feedback form.


My name is Sagar Jeevan and I live in Seattle, Washington. I'm a Software Engineer and am keen about things such as finance and economics, TV-shows, healthy diet, etc. During my free time, I watch TV-shows and documentaries, run, bike, write, and volunteer.

My 2021 plans include learning guitar, reading books, and to hit a few milestones with my bike. To contact me, use this contact form.